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SummaryThere is now the second channel to Messengerturn – a classic web based chat.

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Oh boy another webchat!

Yes indeed.

But why?

Long story short: I talked my users and nearly all of them asked for web based chats when it comes to which channels should be added next.

I have not yet added new copy text to the landingpage that shows that there is a webchat channel. But all users can now generate their snippet and customize a few settings. Hooray 🎉 it took me some time to implement this.

You all know how a web chat works, so I created some impressions on how the UI looks in this case:

UI to customize webchats

Customize webchat profiles

UI to copy the snippet HTML

Generate a snippet to embed

UI of the webchat itself

What it looks like to the website visitor

UI of the corresponding internal side of the chat

A messages turns up in the message list like from any other channel

What does this mean?

Telegram is not the only option anymore. Now everyone can embed the chat with a few steps into any site and benefit from more connections to your (potential) customers.

The webchat widget is the starting point to implement other features. Sometimes as a product developer you need to get the ground work done to build other features on top. These kind of addons do not take that much time that it took to build the base, but can significantly improve the product.

The widget itself will evolve in the next months. I can imagine to extend the webchat customizability. Build some kind of API to let developers control when and how to open the chat overlay. Or there will be some simple settings to change how the webchat behaves.

If you have a question about this,
you can find me on Twitter or ask me anything in the webchat 😉

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