We or I?

SummaryThis is about a tough decision that you may need to answer for a new project.

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A little bit of background. Messengerturn is a one person project. I am just 1 person from Germany. This is not the first project I started, but it’s the one I care about the most. If you are in the same situation like me, then this question may arise: should you use “we” or “I” on the website?

To make it short: I answered this for myself a long time ago. In my case talking of “we” is basically not true. It lures the visitor into thinking that there is a company behind the product of at least 2 humans, probably more people.

I’d rather not lie to my potential customers.

Its not about me in the first place.

Customers don’t necessarily care about the company behind the product; they care primarily about the value the product provides. They could care about the person behind the project, if it’s an interesting person. One who is good at personal branding. Like Justin Jackson or Jason Fried.

And you should definitely use that! If you have an interesting story to share, use that to your advantage.

You as the alternative

So if it’s not about “me” or “we”, then the only thing left is “you”. You can talk about the benefits the customer gets. Like “You can”, “your business will have less …” or begin questions like “You have …?“.

Right now I realize that you can fall into the “we” trap very easily. Tbh with you, during the writing of this text, I went across all the text on the project and changed it to make it more customer centric :)

I would love to hear your thoughts about that. Talk to me on Twitter.

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