Midsummer update 2019

SummaryLets talk about the latest changes (midsummer 2019).

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Messengerturn went live in January 2019, now about 6 months later the product reaches a point where I would say that the major features are done. Now the development can focus on improving minor features and the product user experience.

Lets talk about the bigger changes in the last months.

The previous blog post goes into a lot more details about help centers articles. A working help center is such a simple way to support users and fits perfectly in the feature set of Messengerturn.

Custom domains are a great way to integrate content that a customer generates into their own website structure. So enabling sub domains on top of a help center was a no-brainer. Customers can setup e. g. help.product.com to point to their articles.

There is the widget that powers the website chat for Messengerturn. It adds the small popup icon you can see on the lower right corner on many websites. But that often does not fit into an existing web application. To work around that there is a sidebar option. You can trigger a sidebar via a simple JavaScript to show a sidebar with the support chat and a search form to your help center. Read more about this in this help center article.

The styling got a big improvement by using consistent measures. It should now feel a little bit more from one source.

The complete application setup moved to a serverless infrastructure. This leads to a lot less risk of downtime or errors, because it is a plattform I dont have to run myself.

Adding a free plan

After running the product for a few months, the biggest difficulty is to get traffic on the website and turn visitors into users. Despite having a free trial which allows for 14 days of trial time, I think that a free plan could increase the conversion from visitors to users.

I will always hold onto the idea that every user should have access to all features. But to make it work with a free plan, adding usage limits is the only way. So in the following weeks there will be changes to the pricing. That means there will be a free plan for users without a team (1 seat). That plan will have access to all features (as all plans), but will have usage limits. Upgrading to a paid plan (1 or more seats) will increase or remove these limits.

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