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SummaryOverview of what Messengerturn does and what is planned for the future.

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Small single-purpose apps

I believe great software has one purpose, few features, is easy to use and also decent to look at. We as product owners must double-check if a feature is needed and provides value for a user. If not, it gets removed, simple as that.

Think of Google’s search interface with just one simple input field. Or if you are familiar with Linux programs, they only do one thing and they do it well!

The only purpose of Messengerturn is to provide a tool to help your customers. Because a great customer service experience benefits your business.

Core workflow

As of January 2019 the Messengerturn preview version is available for early users. It is web based and can be used in every major browser or on mobile devices. Everyone can sign up for free. I know that early stage software does not meet all expectations, but I think the first workflow is creating value for small teams.

It features the core workflow of messaging with your customers through Telegram bots. You can receive messages and files (attachments) like photos, videos, audio messages or other files of up to 20MB.

Plus one organization feature: you can create a team workspace. Team members can self-assign messages and flag them as done. Closed messages can be re-opened or will be re-opened when the customers talks to you again. Everyone on your team works on the same workspace, so you can process your support messages together in an organized way.

Plus one automation feature: you can create automatic replies if the customer messages you outside of your business hours.

In the future

There are going to be more channel: probably Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and plain web based chat. I would love to add Apple Business Chat. Right now they seem to be a little bit picky about who is able to connect to their platform. Which is fine – I value quality too.

Building essential features that you can use to solve customer support requests faster.

Messengerturn will be designed to be a customer support platform. There won’t be features solely for marketing or tools to annoy people. I also value privacy, which is why there won’t be PII-tracking of users across help articles or elsewhere.

If you’ve come so far reading this, thank you and leave a comment on Twitter! The next article is about who is behind this whole thing.

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