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SummaryWrite articles to improve and extend your support. Read about how it works in this post.

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A help center is a place to make helpful information available to your customers / users. It is a place for them to get help fast without the need to get in touch.

Your help center is a set of help articles. You will probably link to your help center from your application or website. For example this is the help center for Messengerturn →

Benefits of creating a help center

Users can help themselves, which is a more satisfying experience than asking someone for help.

If you are working from the same timezone or alone, the help center can provide help 24/7.

You can reduce the load on your support-side, because less conversations are created.

It is not fun to answer the simplest questions over and over again. Get a happier support team on your side and concentrate on the harder support tickets, when a human interaction achieves a better result.

Create and organize articles

Articles are created with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get-editor to give you a preview of how it will look like. Use standard formatting tools and upload images directly from the editor.

Categories are used to organize all the articles. Most help centers end up with dozens (even hundreds) of small articles. You can create new categories and search for existing ones.

All articles are indexed and searchable with a search form.

Read more in another blog post -> how big companies structure their help centers

Customize the help center

Using the default layout for the help center is a boring idea. You can customize all pages with some general settings.

Upload images and transform it to the help center of your brand, using your logo and an individual header image.

Add some links in the footer area to connect your main website or provide legal required documents.

You can setup a custom sub-domain (like, so that nothing indicates that you are using Messengerturn to run your help center.

Analyze your articles

See which articles get clicked the most. For every article there is a view counter.

Below every article is a short feedback form. Visitors can click “Yes” or “No” to answer whether the article is helpful or not. You can then identify low performing articles and improve them.

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